Adar Press – Exclusive

Dr. Farid Saadoun, Kurdish academic, In a special interview for Adar Press, about  The Iranian presence in Syria, Iran's attempt to mediate between Syria and Turkey to solve the problem of East Euphrates, in addition to the Turkish threats to eastern Euphrates and the attempt to protect the international coalition of the Syrian Democratic Forces. confirms that:

 America or other countries will not be able to get Iran out of Syria unless there are agreements that guarantee its interests and return to what it lost in this war. Therefore, Iran will have an important role in shaping the future of Syria and it will be part of the countries that will ensure the reconstruction of Syria.

He adds: When Iran found that the restoration of relations between the Syrian government and Turkey would prevent any expected Turkish attack on the east of the Euphrates, it hastened to announce its willingness to mediate, and I believe that Iran will find the implementation of the Adana agreement the closest to the solution, but it may need some adjustments New.

He says: The end of ISIS is supposed to start a new phase of the conflict. This stage involves finding a solution for the armed factions in Syria, including the forces of Syrian Democratic Forces. Therefore, it will be a stage of diplomacy and intra-regional negotiations, and the fate of the Euphrates depends on these negotiations.

He went on and saying: Turkey will not succumb to US pressure to protect Syrian Democratic Forces or to maintain its control of the region. These forces must be dissolved. Turkey has no choice but to reach a political solution to the issue of Syrian Democratic Forces or to invade the region to carry out its mission.

He conclude his speech by saying: The tendency of the Democratic Union Party to negotiate with the Syrian government is a kind of sense of danger. We hope that this dialogue will succeed in order to avoid repeating the experience of Afrin in the east of the Euphrates.

Interviewed by: Selam Ahmad

Editor: E.Ahmad

Translation: Adar Press.