Adar Press – Exclusive

Dr. Rizgar Qassem, President of the Kurdistan Renewal Movement in Syria, confirms that: Turkey is in an awkward position; it is between the hammer of the Americans and the Russians, and it has tried to play on both sides, along with its expansionist ambitions in the region, which clashes with the winds of change and the interests of the superpowers on the one hand and the loss of its terrorist arm on the other. Reflects negatively on Turkey and its floundering policies.

  "Qassem" In an exclusive interview with Adar Press, adds: Erdogan's dream of returning to the Sultanate, has undermined the confidence of all those parties to Erdogan, which will undoubtedly reflect negatively on the course of his previous alliances, of course, the worst.

 He says: Erdogan's only goal is the Kurdish issue. By buying the S-400 from Russia, he is trying to pressure America to abandon its Kurdish allies.

He conclude his speech by saying: The situation in the east of the Euphrates is moving in the right direction, and the east of the Euphrates has become a reality; the wheel will not go back but for the better and stability; this will affect the whole of Syria and even the region.


Interviewed by: Selam Ahmad

Translation: Adar press