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The representative of the self-administration of North and East Syria in Lebanon, Abdulsalam Ahmed, that they have not yet felt «positive signs» by Damascus on the calls of the Syrian Democratic Council and demands, stressing that the calls of the Council stems from the concern to find a political solution to the crisis and maintain the unity of the country, Pointing out at the same time that the process of liberating Afrin is one of the priorities of Syria's democratic forces.

 Asked about the Syrian Democratic Forces call for the Syrian government to recognize self-government in the north-east of Syria, and whether Damascus's response could be positive, Abdulsalam Ahmed said: "We have yet to find positive signs of the calls of the Syrian Democratic Forces and the Democratic Council of Syria By the Syrian government ».

He added that «these calls stem from the concern to find a political solution to the crisis, and maintain the unity of Syria, and cut off the regional powers that want to prolong the crisis to achieve their colonial ambitions, and is not hidden in this aspect Turkey's quest to expand within Syrian territory and linking the areas occupied by the administrative with Turkey and change its demography on the grounds that it is Turkish territory ».

As for the voices calling for the liberation of Afrin from the Turkish occupation after the liberation of the entire east of the Euphrates from the organization of "ISIS" terrorist, said Abdulsalam Ahmed: "The liberation of the city of Afrin is one of the priorities of the Syrian democratic forces, as well as the rest of the Syrian cities occupied by Turkey and terrorist factions, The Turkish government, and this was stated in the statement of victory announced by the leadership of the SDF».

He added that the liberation of Afrin "is a national task for all Syrians, and efforts must be combined to expel the occupier and cleanse it from the terrorists and the return of the displaced to their homes."

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