Adar Press – Exclusive

M Mahfouz Rashid Writer and independent political activist, In an exclusive interview with Adar Press, On the Syrian crisis, the safe area, Agreement of Astana, and other issues confirms that: The United States and Russia are responsible for the course of the events in Syria and the course of their affairs. From the beginning, it is based on implicit and undisclosed understandings of the sharing of spheres of influence, the distribution of roles, the elimination of armed terrorist organizations such as "Al-Nsura" and ISIS and others and the weakening of the radical opposition parties (Politically, militarily, logistically ...), thus ending the existence and role of Iran first and then Turkey II and the organizations and their affiliated groups in the Syrian file.

 "Rashid" adds: All statements by officials, especially James Jeffrey, the envoy of the International Alliance for ISIS Defeat, about the safe area, are unclear and lack details of the format and mechanisms of its establishment (will it cover the entire borderline to include Afrin as well, and how deep will it be within Syrian territory? They need to provide conditions for their achievement.

He conclude his speech by saying: The road map for the formation of a safe zone depends on international, regional and local understandings and consensus on economic interests, security issues and political projects within a single "Deal of the Century" that belongs to the whole region and determines the future fate of its peoples and regimes.

Interviewed by: Selam Ahmad

Translation: Adar press