Adar Press – Exclusive

Talaat Yunus, Joint Chairman of the Executive Council of the Gezira Region, confirms that: Several meetings were held in the Kazakh capital, Nur Sultan, the latest of which was the 13th Astana Round, without making any progress that would end the crisis of syria and reach an agreement, as the parties involved are responsible for the crisis and have brought the situation to where it is now.

 "Talaat Yunus " In an exclusive interview with Adar Press, adds: In fact, the formation of a constitutional committee by these parties without representing all the components and representing the will of the peoples of the north and east of Syria will not succeed, and will not come with any result, so we emphasize the need for the participation of true representatives of the Syrian people.

He says: Erdogan and his party argue that the goal of creating a “safe zone” is to preserve Turkey's national security, although we have not posed any threat to Turkey, but the fact is that Turkey aims to occupy our regions.

He went on and saying: We stressed that the safe area should be under the protection of local border protection forces from the region with the participation of international forces, not as planned by Turkey and aims to occupy more of our areas and annex to its influence, and eliminate the project of self-management.

He conclude his speech by saying: The American administration must fulfill its duties towards us as an ally force of the Syrian Democratic Forces in fighting ISIS, where the fight against the organization and its dormant cells continues to eliminate it permanently, and remains the first dependence on our strength and the will of our people to preserve their gains and protect their areas.

 Interviewed by: suhela sofi

Translation: Adar press