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Kurdish activist and political writer "Pir Rustem" said that there is more than one reading about the “safe area” that is being talked about in northern Syria, and he believes that this area, if established, would be a safety and security zone for the Kurdish and Turkish sides under the protection of US-Turkish control.

 This came in a statement "Pir Rustem" to "Adar Press" in response to a question: In the absence of clarity of the Turkish-American agreement on the safe area, there are some wonder whether the area to be established will be an occupation or a security zone?

"There is more than one reading and project regarding that region," Rustum said in his answer. "By virtue of the vision and position of each side, Turkey wants an area of ​​occupation and demographic change similar to the disaster of our people in Afrin under the name of the safe area."

He added that Turkey wants to "open the air for it to launch a military campaign against the SDF" SDF "and end self-administration, but rather the Kurdish presence in the region;  And through the displacement of the Kurds, and the deportation of nearly three million Syrians from Turkey and resettled in that region, and therefore another Arab belt, but this time under Turkish pressure

He continued: «In return, the Kurds are demanding the international coalition forces that the area under international protection and not Turkish; any buffer zone provides them protection from Turkish threats, to stabilize the region and enjoy lasting peace, in order to pay attention to other security, political and developmental files».

"I think the Americans agree with them on many of these points, but they don't want to lose a strategic ally like Turkey, pushing it further toward the Russian-Iranian alliance, so they are making some concessions to the latter side, but not as demanded by Turkey," he said. On all its demands ».

He said: «According to the leaked information, I think that the region will be a safety and peace zone for both sides and under the protection and control of US-Turkish».

Translation: Adar Press.