Adar Press – Exclusive

M Mahfouz Rashid Writer and independent political activist, In an exclusive interview with Adar Press, About the conflict in Idlib, and the safe area, confirms that: Idlib is one of the basic cards that Turkey possesses, and highlights it when necessary in the struggle against others to improve its position and conditions in the Syrian crisis, Idlib under Turkish tutelage, both militarily and administratively, in one way or another.

 "Rashid" adds: With the continuation of the Syrian crisis, Erdogan is always waving a military solution to evade his worsening internal political and economic crises, seeking to export them abroad, as well as to occupy the army and not give him the opportunity to think and prepare for a coup.

He went on and saying: Any Turkish involvement in unilateral military or political action in Idlib without prior understanding or agreement with the other parties will face Russia above all because of its close alliance with the Syrian regime and the consequences will be dire.

He says: The US-Turkey Agreement on the Safe Zone primarily serves the vital interests of America (and its allies) and its regional and global security and economic projects.

He conclude his speech by saying: All Kurdish parties and frameworks should unite their ranks and discourse and arrange their affairs to become a significant independent force. It should not engage in states projects, especially those shared by Kurdistan, which are fighting the existence of the Kurds and their national and national aspirations. The painful and bitter experience of Afrin is still alive and well-known and everyone should take the lesson.


Interviewed by: Selam Ahmad

Translation: Adar press