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Member of the political body of the Kurdistan Democratic Party of Peace, Muslim Abbas, said that the understandings regarding the safe area or security zone in northeastern Syria are "temporary" understandings, pointing out that this move took the region away from a war that was almost certain.

 "We, the people of northern and eastern Syria, have defined our position from the outset that we are advocates of peace, not only with the Turkish government, even with the Syrian regime," Muslim Abbas told Adar Press on Turkish threats against the eastern Euphrates and the security zone.

He added: «We have shown more than once our readiness to start negotiations with the Syrian regime, we are advocates of peace, security, democracy and good neighborliness, while Turkey is the one who claims the war; and threatens to invade the areas of northern and eastern Syria».

He continued: «All understandings and agreements on the security mechanism are tripartite agreements between both Turkey and the United States and SDF, and Turkey's demands for the establishment of the safe zone is not born today but goes back years ago, and there were indirect negotiations with the Turkish government and US mediation on the safe area Then. ”

Abbas said: «The security mechanism, which begins with a 5 km project; put forward by the Syrian Democratic Forces, confirmed by the United States, and accepted by Turkey, that this project is the first phase of the security mechanism, although Turkey was demanding a safe area along the border and a depth of 30 "This is a concession to Turkey."

He said: «All understandings are temporary understandings; not sustainable, but these understandings kept the region from a war that was almost certain, and yesterday began the first joint patrols between the United States and Turkey in northeastern Syria».

He pointed out that «there are still negotiations between the three parties, although they reached an agreement in principle from changing the name of the safe zone to a security mechanism and the establishment of a joint operations room on Turkish territory and in Urfa, while Erdogan still threatens and threatens almost daily».

"Despite all the above, we do not expect Turkey to carry out its threats against the north and east of the Euphrates, as long as there is a clear American rejection of the invasion," Abbas said. ,Erdogan's daily statements are nothing but needles palliative for the Turkish interior, because the Turkish government is in the throes of strong splits in the ranks of the Justice and Development, and resignations between the leaders of the Turkish army; and the Turkish people resentment of Erdogan's false promises ».

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