Adar Press – Exclusive

M Mahfouz Rashid Writer and independent political activist, In an exclusive interview with Adar Press, About the safe area and about Denmark sending troops to northeastern Syria, confirms that: Because of the confusion and recklessness experienced by Erdogan, he always resorted to the military option in resolving the issues, citing terrorism and protecting Turkey's national security, to occupy the army and not allow him the opportunity to think and prepare for a coup against him and remove him from power.

 "Rashid" adds: The security mechanism is the most likely to be implemented under the agreement with the United States, which is betting on buying time to prevent invasion and collision, and not to give Erdogan the opportunity to mix the cards and destabilize until the final solution to the Syrian crisis is completed as a single basket in the UN framework and international consensus in accordance with the Geneva resolutions.

He went on and saying: Denmark's decision to send its military forces to the northeast of the Euphrates indicates European and American understanding and cooperation to stabilize the status quo as a fait accompli for a secure, autonomous and secure region, from which to formulate a new constitution and map a new political map for Syria.

He conclude his speech by saying: Self-management is an evolving experience that is advancing in all areas and is under the protection and care of the US-led coalition forces. and the formal recognition of self-administration will be enshrined in the Constitution, which the parties seek to form a committee to draft and draft legal articles.


Interviewed by: Selam Ahmad

Translation: Adar press

Arabic  / English