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Mustafa Oso, Rights activist and independent politician, On the military situation in Idlib, and its impact on eastern Euphrates, confirms that: Idlib is of great importance to Erdogan for reasons including: It is a leverage paper in his hand until a final solution to the Syrian crisis is guaranteed through which the "Syrian opposition" associated with him is represented in the joints of the next government of Syria, and he wants to keep the armed Syrian mercenaries in it "on demand" for use in areas The other Turkish occupation in Syria, especially the Kurdish ones.

 "Oso" In an exclusive interview with Adar Press, adds: Bashar al-Assad and his regime are the ones who fought the Kurdish people in Syria, both in existence and issue, through the application of the policy of national oppression and its negative consequences from chauvinistic and racist projects and exceptional measures aimed at melting and eliminating it as a distinct national group and changing the demographic population of its historical regions.

He says: Many political observers and followers say that Erdogan would not have accepted the terms of the last losing agreement for him in Moscow “if there were no secret agreements”, and they assert that he raised in this mentioned meeting with Russian President Putin, the issue of the Kurdish regions in the east and west of the Euphrates as well And, of course, the transfer of 6000 mercenaries to Tel Abyad is a dangerous indication of the existence of a trade-off in the Kurdish areas, which has become the first and last concern of Erdogan and the Syrian mercenaries associated with it.

He conclude his speech by saying: In light of the current developments and the many conspiracies from more than one side, and the absence of real guarantees that avoided risks and protect their people, the regions of East Euphrates in general and the Kurdish ones in particular, and the administration that governs them, face serious risks of invading, both by Turkey and its Syrian armed mercenaries or from the Syrian regime and its allies .


Interviewed by: Selam Ahmad

Translation: Adar press

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