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Ibrahim Kaban, the researcher and journalist, said that The Middle East will struggle to acquire new markets, and the spread of the Corona epidemic after Europe will be more severe in the Middle East and Africa..

This came in a statement made by "Ibrahim Kaban" to "Adar Press" in response to a question: The economic effects of corona virus on the world, including the Middle East, Syria, and democratic self-management in northeastern Syria.

 Ibrahim Kaban said in his answer: Corona may cause some regimes to be overthrown, and I nominate the Turkish regime in the foreground, as Corona will be a mechanism to expose this regime, which cannot control its spread.

He added: The process of covering up the spread of the Corona virus by the Syrian regime will pose a dilemma, which means that the regime's regions are on the verge of an economic catastrophe in the near future.

He conclude his speech by saying: With regard to the areas of self-management, I think the thing that can be done is to implement preventive measures and secure the basic necessities for citizens, and these issues will be sufficient for these areas to be coherent, and it is very likely that the epidemic will reach them, and the rural areas are more likely to be safer than cities.

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