Adar Press – Exclusive

Musa Musa, Jurist and Kurdish political researcher, about About Kurdish Kurdish rapprochement, confirms that: Kurdish-Kurdish rapprochement is a Kurdish national desire, and all segments of society have demanded it. Last week, we saw the joy and happiness of the Kurdish community, and its political, social and cultural forces, rejoicing by announcing the initial understandings that occurred between the Kurdish National Council and the national unity parties.

 " Musa " adds: Regarding the establishment of a Kurdish political reference, I would like to say that the term (reference) is a religious term specific to the Shiite doctrine .. More correct is the establishment of a body under any political name - not religious - which is necessary.

He says: The peculiarity of the current American sponsorship increases the understandings steadfastly and completely, and transferring them to broader levels with the Arab opposition, and this privacy was absent in the Dohuk agreement.

He conclude his speech by saying: The rationality of the destiny of the unified Kurdish discourse requires the involvement of all political, societal and cultural forces, and the absence of some of them from these understandings impedes them and makes them lame.

  Interviewed by: Suhela Sofi

Translation: Adar Press. 

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