Adar Press – Exclusive

Dr. Rizgar Qasem, President of the Kurdistan Renewal Movement in Syria, in an interview with Adar Press, On the statements of the Syrian regime, the law of Caesar, and the unification of the Kurdish class confirms that: The Arab brothers and other components of the SDF should know well that this power today represents all components without distinction; Through it, everyone can express himself in management in general.

 "Qasem", adds: Unfortunately, the regime still lives in its utopian state. He will take the wheel of history back, that is, to return to before 2011 and this is a dream, of course, and he will try as much as possible not to recognize self-management as he lives this dream.

He says: As for the unification of the Kurdish rank, it is today a historical necessity that rests with the responsibility of all without exception, and I am optimistic about the role played in this context by the Commander-in-Chief of the forces of Syrian Democratic Forces; General General Mazlum Abdi .. And based on historical responsibility, I call upon the brothers in all parts of the Kurdish movement to make all efforts to achieve this unity .

He conclude his speech by saying: Self-management that has proven itself in achieving stability will, through its forces, set a hope for all Syrians.


Interviewed by: Selam Ahmad

Translation: Adar press

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