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"Kameran Haj Abdo" who is responsible of the task of the Secretariat of Kurdish Democratic Unity Party in Syria, said that what's has been committed by the organization of the Islamic State "ISIS" is a massacres in Kobanî intervention of ethnic cleansing against Kurds civilians, condemning such crimes, which he described as terrorists.


This came during a statement, which arrived Adar Press a copy of it, where Kameran called on all parties and Kurdish forces to move away from the different agendas and uphold the interests of Kurdish people.

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Kurdish National Council condemned in a statement on Sunday, the suffering of the Kurds of racist acts and ethnic cleansing at the hands of the organization of ISIS.


National Council demand, in a statement that a copy of it arrived to Adar Press, demand the international community and the United Nations to take all measures to protect Kurds from the actions which he described as «genocide».

Adar Press - Exclusive
"Sennherib Barsoum" the President of the Human Rights Commission in Al-Jazeera Canton stressed, that the duty of self-defense law, is legally right, because it is officially adopted by the Legislative Council of the canton.

While; «The moral and human dimension, it stems from the importance of the participation of all citizens who are covered by the law of self-defense and for a period set by the law for six months».

Adar Press - Exclusive

"Mohammed Ismail" a member of the Political Bureau of the PDK-S expressed that the attack by ISIS on "Al-Hasaka" threat the civil peace in the city because they contain different sects and components, which is a dangerous game if they are part of the system or of any other party.

"Ismail" pointed out that "Al-Hasake" a different situation from "Kobani" because the population of a cross between the Kurds and the Christians, if they go out it's hard to come back, as opposed to "Kobani" Kurdish majority who have returned, and dwelt in their homes.

Adar Press - Hasaka

The General Command of Asayish in Roj Ava imposed in a statement, curfew in the city of Hasaka from 20:00 pm until 6:00, starting from Saturday evening until further notice.


With the exception of the curfew, Asayish forces and fighters of the People's Protection Units and women and protection of the fundamental forces, as well as emergency situations.

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"Silah Derwish" the member of the political committee of the Syrian opposition coalition, said that they, in the coalition do not have the documents about commit Kurdish Union Defense deportation against Arabs and Turkmen in "Tel Abiyad" according to a statement released by the network "Rudaw".


"Derwish" stressed that a number of members of the political and public institutions  have visited the region, and stressed through reports sent it from there, not to the occurrence of any cases of systematic displacement.

Adar Press – Exclusive
The Political Observer "Shivger Abbas" said that the Kurdish areas in Syria, "Roj Ava" The best place for living together between all the components, and all the published allegations about the fact that Kurdish forces operations of ethnic cleansing are completely untrue, and that the source Turkey and coalition client, as he said.


This came in an exclusive statement to Adar-Press, where Abbas stressed that whatever promoted recently from the feet of Kurdish forces on ethnic cleansing of the Arabs operations in the area of Al-Jazeera and Tel Abiyad, aims to show the Kurds as war criminals are carrying out ethnic cleansing and is only a media campaign led by Erdogan and his party, gains to hit the Kurds, according to his expression.

Adar Press - Exclusive
"Kamiran Haj Abdo" the Secretary of Kurdish Democratic Union Party in Syria confirmed that the liberalization of any geographical spot of west of Kurdistan and Syria from terrorists ISIS and its sisters is a great importance in terms of the homeland and the people, because the ultimate goal is certainly Syria without tyranny and terror-free. As he says.

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