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The Youth activist "Shapal Ibrahim" said, «that the Kurdish National Council has all the opportunities will not repair itself can and can not bet on its, after it has become a burden on the Kurdish people in Syria and the Kurdistan Regional Government, we do not see its future in the Syrian general and the Kurdish equation private and we expect new splits within it».


"Ibrahim", during an interview with Adar Press, stressed that the Kurdish National Council was unable to add any new change in the time of revolution, but the separation wall between the old concepts and the new ideas that are going towards the peoples of the region, as he put it.

Adar Press- Exclusive

"Mahin Shikhani" the administrative board member of the Writers' Union- Kurd in Syria, said that « we can not say that the union failed in its independence, because it imposes its rules of procedure to be at the same distance from all parties», as he said.


He noting that the host of Kurdish story festival, referring to the Ministry of culture in Al-Jazeera Canton, manipulating the name of the Union, and kept it out of the platform to honor and awards, and putting it in a cage ready-made charge that the Union is the second wing of the intellectuals of the Kurds in the self-management, as he put it.

Adar Press – Exclusive
Kurdish Writer "Mohammad Resho" denied that peoples' Defense Units have commit campaigns of immigrant on the right of Arab and Kurdish citizens in "Tel Abiayd", as some media alleged.

"Resho" in an exclusive interview to Adar Press, its logical that in the areas that witness clashes that it had been evacuated people for their safety, irrespective of if  they were lapping ISIS or not, that what's YPG done.

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The Chamber of Euphrates Volcano confirms in a joint statement for its, Tuesday, considered the victory in "Tel Abiyad" its benefit would not return for just one component, unless its as regain of self-confidence for Syrian peoples generally.

The statement considered that expel of ISIS from the city as a preliminary of establish united home, where each components enjoy its specialty, under one roof.

Adar Press – Afrin – Exclusive
"Abdo Ibrahim" the head of the Institution of Defense in Afrin, Thursday, considered the won of HDP as the victory for the freedom management.

Where he confirms the won of HDP as the won of the revolution in "Roj Ava.
"Ibrahim" said in an exclusive interview to Adar Press that <<Erdoughan inside his propaganda considered himself as the new Kamal Atatourk>>.

Adar Press – Exclusive
"Xebat Simo" the pervious member in the General Secretary of ENKS, expected that the Syrian Kurdish Question would not discuss in Cairo Conference.

 Justifying the reason, that they do not send formal invitation to Kurdish National Council.
He said<< we, as Kurdish National Council, do not receive any formal invitation from Cairo Conference, to attend the conference, unless they invite some figures as their personal name.

Adar Press – Exclusive
"Adihem Basho" the Member of Azadi Party, confirms that the parties of Kurdish National Council had refused the asking of Azadi party to join to its ranks, to satisfied the desire of PDkS, which considered Azadi Party separated from its.

"Basho" in an exclusive interview to Adar Press point out to the president of ENKS "Taher Sefok" had got the demand of Azadi party to join to the ranks of ENKS, unless there are sides inside the ENKS mean to neglect its demand.

Adar Press – Qamishlo – Exclusive
The political activist "Akrem Hussein" confirms of necessity of large the work of Kurdish National Council, by joining other powers and independent figures among its ranks.

Noting that the separating of the council done according two scheme; one is Democratic Nationality and the other is Democratic State.

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