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Self-management's administrator in "Afrin Canton" has issued a statement, where it denouncing the massacred that targeting a centering of youth in the city of "Bersûs" in Turkey.

Within the statement: (once Eid Al-Feter ends and the youth of associations in Turkey, preparing themselves to enter to Kobane to help their brothers in the operation of re-construction it, suicidal targeting a group of youth were they antedate to enter to Kobane to participate in the activities of rebuilding it, where it cause dozens of killed and injuries).

Adar Press – Exclusive
The Movement of Democratic Society has denouncing the blasting that happened in the Center of "Amara" for Arts and Culture in the region of "Serooj" in Turkey, where it caused of dozens of killed and injuries.

Where it confirmed that it is loaded of the conspiracy, envoy and hated toward Kurdish people and its ambitions, according to the statement.

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"Elham Ahmed" a female commando in the "the Movement of Democratic Society, Tev Dem", confirmed that their vision about the future of Syria, is a declaration of self-management in all areas of Syria, if necessary, through compatibility with all components.


She pointing out that the self-management project, not dedicated to the Kurdish areas of the north and east of the country alone, but will be announced wherever Kurds fund.

Adar Press – Exclusive
"Salih Al-Zubaa" the Chief of Agriculture's Institution "Al-Jazeera Canton" confirms that he prepare a project for the government to buy all local corps from the villages by the cost of /70/ milliar, unless it had been refused due to bioavailable the money to cover it.

"Al-Zubaa" point out that the government does not buy any corps, unless it start of buying wheat for flour of next year, so it buy 40 – 50 thousands ton for Al-Jazeera Canton, and 1000 ton for "Kobane".

Adar Press – Exclusive
"Abdul Karim Omer" the Chief of Interior Institution in "Al-Jazeera Canton" denied of presence of any coordination between Peoples' Defense Units and Syrian force government in the battles that circulated in "Hasaka", or even supply support to its, against ISIS.

He adding that the duty of YPG is to protect all "Roj Ava's" region including of "Hasaka" city, because ISIS forming real danger on al world countries and on humanity, according his expressing.

Adar Press – Afrin
The political Committee for the Unity Party in Syria has issued a decision to continue the affairs to get the license to open bureau for the party, depending on the decision that was stated by Self-Management in Afrin.

"Qazeqli Mohammad" a leader of the party in Afrin; declared during an interview with Adar Press that they supply a formal application to Self-Management to get license for their party, not just in "Afrin" but also in the three cantons.

Adar Press - Exclusive

Dr. "Fred Saadoun" the Dean of the Literature Collage and Humanity Sciences in Hasaka, said that the results of all the students and university exams papers since 2012 and until today, safely and is in good hands.


"Saadoun" pointed out during his speech for the Adar Press, that the exams that were scheduled in the normal time, has been postponed, to be completed after stalling security and a return to its normal nature.

Adar Press – Exclusive
"Bera Dowst Kamali" the member of Kurdish Organization for Human Rights in Syria, said that the Syrian Coalition report exhibits about cases of ethnic cleansing against Arabs in "Tel Abiyad" is "inaccurate, unlawfully and non-professional", stressing that the report does not link to the work of the Commission of any link nor legal action.


This came in a formal statement published by "Bera Dowst" and arrived Adar Press a copy of it, we would say to you as we got completely.

Adar Press – Exclusive
"Kameran Haj Abdo" who is responsible of the task of the Secretariat of Kurdish Democratic Unity Party in Syria, said that what's has been committed by the organization of the Islamic State "ISIS" is a massacres in Kobanî intervention of ethnic cleansing against Kurds civilians, condemning such crimes, which he described as terrorists.


This came during a statement, which arrived Adar Press a copy of it, where Kameran called on all parties and Kurdish forces to move away from the different agendas and uphold the interests of Kurdish people.

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Kurdish National Council condemned in a statement on Sunday, the suffering of the Kurds of racist acts and ethnic cleansing at the hands of the organization of ISIS.


National Council demand, in a statement that a copy of it arrived to Adar Press, demand the international community and the United Nations to take all measures to protect Kurds from the actions which he described as «genocide».

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