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"Muhssen Taher" the Member of General Secretary of ENKS and political member in PDK-S, express that decision of election of local councils would take place without intervened from the side of ENKS' parties.

Adding that this decision that taken by "Soud Al-Mulla" ENKS' Secretary, was as exit for the different that appeared among the parties, regarding of elected independent figures, which would end on 5 June.

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"Salim Edris" the Minister of Defense in Syrian temporary government said that regime may establish a state for itself in the coast, confirming in the same time that its has 180 leader of ISIS work under its order, according to a statement that published on the Websites of (Syria-Net).

He go on and said that <<Syrian regime does not care if ISIS occupy large areas from Syria, and (Nusra) take "Edlib" while its control over Damascus and coast. To prove for International society that it’s a state vs. two terrorist organization>>.

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The General Executive Coordination of the Three Canton (Kobane, Afrin and Jazeera) said that the news that published by Syrian Coalition in just a lie and untrue, to dismantle of the reputation of YPG, and its historical victories.

The coordination said in its statement that the aim of Coalition behind these news to misguiding the public opinions toward Self-Management, which has been announced by Democratic Union Party in Syrian Kurdish regions.

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The General Leadership of YPG ask the Syrian National Coalition to return to the national ranks and serving Syrian People, far from others agendas, which aim to increase the empty blank among society slices.

The Protection Units in its statement, Saturday, calling Syrian Coalition to stop of its speech, which is full of <radicals> as it described, and demand from Kurdish National Council to vivid its opposition toward Coalition's statement.

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Syrian opposition Coalition has warned PYD from the Insults on the right of civilians in the cities and regions of "Hasake" province.

Coalition has confirmed in its statement, Saturday, that the behavior of YPD (terrorist), according their describe, is look like of the regime's behavior, which mean to arouse the chaos.

Adar Press – Afrin – Exclusive
The Unity, Yakiti, hold on Saturday a meeting in its headquarters in the city of Afrin a project about the united the sight of opposition and ways of unity Kurds' ranks.

It had participated in the conference, which started by a minute of silence on the souls of Kurdistan s' martyrs, each of "Silah Almdar" and "Rashid Shaban" the Two members of Political committee of the party in Afrin, and the leader "Mohammad Qazeqli" with presence of some media methods.

Adar Press – Exclusive
"Bassam Ismail" the Representative of General Council of Youth Movement in "Germany" confirms that the margin of youth by National Council led to fail its.

He points out that there is other reasons behind its failure such as putting unfit person in fit place, corruption, unfeel of responsibility and mistaking the decision that prevented any parties from offense and abuse Kurdish people, as he described.

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"Aldar Khalil" the leader of the Democratic Movement Society - Tev Dem, called all organizations and parties in Roj Ava, at the head Kurdish National Council, to support Peoples protection Units.


"Khalil" stressed in his personal Posted on Tuesday, that the Democratic Society Movement supported and provided political, the mass and media aspects for Kurdish Units.

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