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"Reshid Shabaan" the Member in political Committee in the Yikiti Party that the conference in the Kurdish city "Amed" regarding of re-construction of "Kobane'" considered as a victory for Kurds people and for their question, after gathering about /400/ Kurdish figures from the four parts of Kurdistan.

"Shabaan" in an interview with Adar Press said that it was a media and moral support for us to gathering these big number to find a solution of the problem, yet we know that there is 't any problems that solved 100 %.

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General leadership of Asayish has published a statement regarding the wondering inside the city of "Hasake", where it prevented that starting from 8pm until 6am, regarding from the date of 7/5 2015.

This statement comes after the regulation of "Islamic State" performed an attack by trapped car on the barrier of Asayish, causing of killing two elements of Asayish to their lives in addition to wounded other people from civilians.

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"Mohammad Xer Benco" the Member of Syrian Coalition Opposition, has deny the charges that accused the Kurdish bloc that declared of their behavior of /80/ thousand dollar, considering that as a disfeaturing of ENKS reputation. 

"Benco" said in an exclusive interview with Adar Press said that the mount of 80, 000 dollar is untrue, and its still existence.

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Parties of Kurdish Political Reference, Monday, call all Kurdish powers and political to work on active the role of its and success, in order to continue the implement of Dohuk Agreement, and discussing the different points and solving its, assuring that the Reference is considered as gaining for all Kurds in Roj Ava, West of Kurdistan.

The Parties within the Reference said in its statement that there are some different it could be solving it by brotherhood discussing, calls for closed the row and unity the speech.

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The President of Kurdish National Council, Taher Sefok, Wednesday, declared that the administrator of "Semalke" Access Road has prevented him and the Secretary of Equality Party from entering to the territories of Kurdistan, according to the "Rudaw" s' Network News.

"Sefok" added that the administrator do that on the charge that their names do not find on the barrier, confirming that he directed to Kurdistan according to formal invitation to attend "Geneva" Conference to solve disputes.

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"Malaz Mohammad", the member in National Council from the Independent section, considered the decision of the eleventh of his friends by stopping their membership from the council was harry, was due to far three parties from the Council.

"Mohammad" in an interview with Adar Press confirms that the most independent members want from those three parties to attend the usual meeting of the council, while others considered their attending as illogical for the laws of organize structure.

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The representatives of Kurdish National Council in Turkey has denied its participated in issued a statement on the name of several powers and Syrian organization regarding a blessing of the liberate Adleb province at the hands of the Jabhat Al-Nusra.

The Representatives of the National Council issued a statement, which Adar Press informed on a copy of its, that the name of Kurdish National Council had been added without its known.

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The lawyer "Yusuf Suleiman" the director of the Organization of (Mavien); (the Defense of Refugees Rights) confirms that the situations of the refugees in the Kurdistan region is much better than its  in the rest of the neighboring countries such as Syria, Turkey, Lebanon and Jordan, describing their situation as «excellent».

"Suleiman" pointed out during an interview for Adar Press, that the nature of their duties in the organization (Mavien) non-governmental organizations, including the conduct of legal matters for refugees Syrians in the region courts, such as contracts of marriage, divorce and suits of first instance courts and demanding wages of workers and other problems that may be faced by refugees.

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