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Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov has called for resolving the crisis in northeastern Syria through dialogue between Ankara, Damascus and the Kurds, according to Russia Today.

"Our position stems from the need to solve the problems in Syria through dialogue between the central authority in Damascus and representatives of the Kurds, who are traditional inhabitants of this land," Lavrov told a news conference on Wednesday.

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The Turkish lira on Monday saw its biggest fall in nearly a month against the US dollar by about 2 percent, on the back of US President Donald Trump's threat to destroy Turkey's economy in case of any military action outside the border, in reference to the forthcoming military operation in northern Syria.

The Turkish lira fell amid fears of the implications of the upcoming Ankara operation in northeast Syria to 5.8050 for one dollar, recording a decline of 1.94% to 16:27 GMT, according to agencies "Reuters" and "Bloomberg" US.

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The Turkish army on Saturday sent new reinforcements to its troops stationed on the border with Syria amid Turkey's threats to launch a military operation in the eastern Euphrates region.

According to the official "Anatolia" Turkish arrival of 9 trucks loaded with armored vehicles and a bus loaded with military personnel to the district of Aqga Castle of the province of shanlıurfa, adjacent to the Syrian province of Aleppo.

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On Wednesday, 100 fighters from the towns of Raqqa and Tabqa completed their training course, named after the martyr Kurshin, at a military ceremony at the headquarters of Martyr Redor Regiment.

Within 30 days, the fighters received military training on rapid deployment methods, setting up checkpoints, ambushes, cultural lessons and the rules and regulations of the SDF's internal rules.

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According to the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, three members of the regime's forces, including a brigadier general, were killed by a landmine explosion on an axis of Hama countryside

According to the London-based Observatory, relative calm prevails in the area from Monday evening until the moment, coinciding with the regime forces' breach of this calm from time to time by targeting them with rocket-propelled grenades on the axes of Abu Dhour and Umm Jalal farms in the eastern Idlib countryside.

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A group of members of the Yazidi religion in Syria launched a project to build a school to teach the Yazidi religion in al-Hasakah province in northeastern Syria. The project will teach the Yazidi teachings, which came after a decades-long ban under the Syrian regime.

Teachers teach Yezidi traditions and customs through the religious book, which is followed in the temple of "Lalish" and "Shinkal" in the Kurdistan region of Iraq, after converting from the Sorani dialect to Kurmanji and in Latin letters.

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Prime Minister Adel Abdul Mahdi agreed to open the "Al-Qaim" border crossing with Syria on Monday, the official iraqi news agency reported.

The agency said on Friday that the head of the border outlets, Kazem Mohammed Prisam Al-Oqabi confirmed "the readiness of the port for the passage of passengers and also for commercial exchange."

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The Popular Defense Forces (PKK), the military wing of the Kurdistan Workers' Party (PKK), said in a statement that its fighters carried out an operation in southeast Turkey, killing two Turkish intelligence agents and wounding two others.

The Popular Defense Forces said: «The Turkish occupation army began on September 2 campaign in the Kharabi Meshkan area of ​​Bakuk in Mardin.

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