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Russia's permanent envoy to the United Nations, Vasily Nibenzia, on Tuesday rejected the recognition that his country had violated the Sochi deal through combat operations in northern Syria, stressing that the Sochi agreement between Turkey and Russia on reducing escalation in Idlib was fully implemented, Referring to combat operations there to respond to terrorist provocations.

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Washington is considering possible financial sanctions on Turkish companies behind the manufacturing of parts of the Lockheed Martin F-35 fighter jet, a senior Pentagon official said on Monday.

US officials have urged Turkey to abandon plans to buy the Russian S-400 air defense system, which could enable Turkish companies to manufacture important parts of a large number of weapons systems, the European euronews channel quoted US Undersecretary of Defense Allen Lord as saying. American fighter jets along with the F-35 fighter.

A joint US government group is considering possible sanctions against a large number of Turkish companies under the Anti-American Foes Act, Lord said.

The spokesman for the US Department of Defense Mike Andrews has recently confirmed the start of the disruption of the training program for Turkish pilots on how to fly the US F-35 warplanes, a week after the Pentagon announced a plan to "ease" the participation of Turkey, NATO ally in the training program.

Andrews, in private remarks to the US newspaper The Hill, said the Pentagon was aware that Turkish pilots were not flying at Locke Air Force Base in Arizona, which hosts the F-35 training program.

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Unjustified acts of terrorism against commercial transport in the Strait of Hormuz call for a retaliatory military strike against Iran, US Senator Tom Coton said.

Koton, a prominent hawk in Congress, was posted to his Twitter account, excerpts from an interview with an American media.

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The Patriot air defense system and several fighter jets and warships may be sent to the Middle East.

The United States is discussing the possibility of sending additional troops to the Middle East after the June 13 oil tanker incident in the Gulf of Oman, CNN reported.

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Britain's Royal Navy Command will send 100 Special Forces troops to the Gulf region, whose mission is to protect British ships after rising tensions in the region.

According to the Times, the task of providing security for ships is the responsibility of the Marine Corps, the 42nd Commandos Division, based in Plymouth.

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Syria's Democratic Forces continue to "extradite" more Izidis families living in camps run north-east of Syria to end the dossier of Izidis kidnapped by ISIS and former Izidis families in camps in the region after fleeing Iraq.

On Friday, the Joint Iraqi Operations Room revealed the return of 60 Izidia from camps run by the Syrian Democratic Forces inside Syria to the Shankal / Sinjar district of Nineveh province in northern Iraq.

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US State Department spokeswoman Morgan Ortagos said the only solution with Iran was a new agreement that would halt all "threats" it posed.

"The only solution is a new agreement that addresses all of Iran's threats," Ortagos said. These threats are summed up in the 12 demands that President Donald Trump and Foreign Secretary Mike Pompeo said Washington is ready to discuss, and Iran's leaders know how to contact us. "

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Turkey's opposition leader, Akram Emamoglu, has been able to include thousands of Turks in his election campaign, which has gained momentum. He can win the mayor's seat in the local elections held on 31 March. By a decision of the High Electoral Commission, just 18 days after taking office, according to published by "Middle East."

It appeared that the campaign of Ben Ali Yildirim, candidate of the Justice and Development Party led by Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, is clearly confused.

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Turkish lira traders returning after the Eid al-Fitr holiday will have to look closely at the best performance of the currency over the past five years, Bloomberg reported.

Experts advised that more political turmoil, expected in the near future, would mean there may be a long waiting period before the Turkish currency improves.

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