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Violent clashes broke out on the "Hamamiyat" axis in the north-western Hama countryside between the units of the Syrian regime and the Turkish militias trying to penetrate the system points in the region.

 The correspondent of the "Sputnik" in Hama said: The forces of the Syrian regime confronted the axis of the town of "Hamamiyat" for a violent attack by armed groups belonging to the organization "Ansar al-Tawhid" arm of the organization, "ISIS" terrorist in Idlib and Rural of Hama, and the organization "Al-Azza Army" the most prominent allies victory in the countryside of Hama And the "Red Brigades" composed of elite foreign and Arab militants in the organization of the "Jubhat Al-Nusra".

The correspondent quoted a military source as saying that the armed groups worked to target the positions of the Syrian regime on the axis of "Kurnaz", Sheikh Hadid and "Hammamet" with a large number of missiles before attempting to carry out a ground attack on the positions of the army in the region, adding that the artillery system ordered the positions of militants and supply lines in "Latamna", Sheikh Mustafa and Tal Sakhr in the northern suburbs of Hama.

In the northern Hama countryside there are several militias affiliated with the Sham Liberation Organization (Jubhat Al-Nusra). The most prominent of these are the "Al-Azza Army", which controls the towns of Latamna, Kafarzita, Latmen, Zakat and Al-Arba'aeen, which includes fighters from China, Chechnya and Uzbekistan. In the northern Hama countryside and the plain of the jungle and surrounding areas.

"Ansar al-Tawhid" is defined as the name taken by the militants of the "Al-Aqsa soldieres" organization since 2016. This latter organization, which has been announced for sale to ISIS, was active in the north-eastern Hama countryside adjacent to Rural of al-Raqqa before it was defeated by the Syrian regime during the takeover of Abu Al-Alzuhur"for months.

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