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The Syrian regime has changed the leadership of the security services in the branches of air intelligence, political security, criminal security and state security. However, the most prominent was the termination of the service of Major General Jamil Hassan, who leads the list of EU sanctions for those accused of war crimes, along with senior officials of the Assad regime, described as the Godfather of "explosive barrels". Major General Ghassan Ismail was appointed successor to Hassan in the Air Intelligence Service.

 The Syrian regime follows the non-issuance of official decisions on promotions and changes in military commanders and intelligence services, and only sends internal circulars on those appointments, to be transmitted through pro-news pages.

In another context, the United States requested, from Germany, to provide ground forces to combat terrorism in northern Syria, within the forces of the «International Alliance against ISIS», causing differences within the fragile coalition of government led by German Chancellor Angela Merkel.

The German participation in the coalition is now limited to Tornado reconnaissance planes, an air refueling aircraft and trainers in Iraq.

In addition, sources in the opposition to «Middle East», that «the base Altnf» on the triangle of the Syrian-Iraqi-Jordanian border of the international coalition forces, opened the door to join the ranks, in front of the people of the region.

Where the members will be trained to in camps in Jordan, amid reports that coalition forces conducted military exercises at the base, with the participation of opposition fighters.

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