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The US Treasury Department announced on Tuesday the imposition of sanctions on two deputies and a security official in the Lebanese Hezbollah.

The US sanctions included the head of the Loyalty to the Resistance bloc, MP Mohammad Raad, MP Amin Shri, and the head of the liaison and coordination unit, Wafiq Safa, Responsible for Hezbollah's security relations with the other Lebanese parties.

 The US Treasury Department called on the international community to include Hezbollah in its political and military wings on terrorism lists.

A statement issued by the US Treasury Department said its foreign asset control office, which placed prominent Hezbollah political figures, "is using its political positions to facilitate the work of Hezbollah's malicious agenda and support Iran."

"There should be no distinction between the political and military wings of Hezbollah.

The US Treasury accused MP Amin Shri of communicating with people on the terrorism list.

 The US Treasury has called on the government of Lebanon to sever its contacts with Hezbollah members who are under sanctions.

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