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Ten UN Security Council members, UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterich, called for the formation of an international commission to investigate the Syrian regime's targeting of civilian infrastructure in the northern Syrian province of Idlib, according to Al

UN diplomatic sources said Gutierrez had already asked his legal bureau for legal advice on the proposed commission of inquiry.

 The United Nations announced the killing of more than 500 civilians, and the displacement of more than four hundred and forty thousand, as a result of air strikes and shelling continued in northwest Syria, since last April.

The Under-Secretary-General for Humanitarian Affairs said that the bombing of the Syrian regime, for more than three months, triggered the latest massacre in the area of ​​escalation reduction in Idlib.

He added that he still hoped for further clarification from Russia on the targeting of hospitals and schools, although details of the coordinates of the Russian side to prevent the targeting.

In the same context, the regime's aircraft and Russia continued to carry out heavy bombardment of the villages of Idlib and Hama, leaving scores of dead and wounded, as well as extensive house demolitions. The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights reported that the regime and Russia carried out about 65,000 air and ground strikes in three months of their violent campaign against Zone reduction escalation.

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