Adar Press - AFP

Brazil's Federal Supreme Court on Tuesday rejected Ankara's request to extradite a Turkish businessman accused of terrorism by Ankara, citing its refusal to guarantee a fair trial in Turkey.

The decision, which the judges unanimously approved, means Ali Sepahi can stay in Brazil, where he has lived for 12 years.

 Turkish authorities accuse Ali Sepahi of belonging to an organization involved in the failed coup against President Recep Tayyip Erdogan in 2016.

Sepahi, who holds Turkish and Brazilian citizenship, was held in pretrial detention in early April and released in May pending a court decision.

Sepahi, who is married with a child, was active in the Brazilian-Turkish Cultural Center and the Brazilian-Turkish Chamber of Commerce, two institutions associated with the "Khidmah" movement.

His lawyer said earlier that his client had been targeted for depositing money in the Bank of Asia, which is linked to the network of Islamic preacher Fathallah Gulen.

Erdogan accuses his friend and former companion Gulen, a Pennsylvania resident, of being behind the failed coup against him, but the latter strongly denies the charges.

Turkey has arrested tens of thousands of people in a crackdown after the coup attempt, and the Turkish authorities have received a number of suspects from other countries, including Ukraine and Kosovo, in secret operations.

Translation: Adar Press.