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The Russian Foreign Ministry warned of what it called attempts to "separate" northeast Syria, stressing the need to solve the problems in those areas on the basis of the sovereignty of Syria and through dialogue between Damascus and the Kurds.

 "It is a matter of concern that there are continuing attempts at what appears to be a separation of northeastern Syria," Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova told a news conference on Thursday. We continue to stand with long-term stability and security in northeastern Syria by affirming Syria's sovereignty and fruitful dialogue between Damascus and the Kurds, as part of the Syrian people. ”

Zakharova added that it is unacceptable to cut off Syrian territory under any pretext, including the pretext of fighting terrorism, claiming that the Syrian regime has proven its ability to fight it.

She stressed that international legitimacy requires the approval of Damascus for any operations taking place on its territory, against the backdrop of Turkish-American efforts to establish a "safe area" east of the Euphrates, and continued US efforts to support Kurdish forces in northeastern Syria and prevent the Syrian regime from taking control of that area.

With regard to the Syrian Constitutional Committee, Zakharova expressed Moscow's belief that all conditions are now in place for the Syrian Constitutional Commission to be held successfully, which means “launching direct negotiations between the Syrians on the specifications of a future regime for their country, as stipulated in UN Security Council Resolution 2254”. .

Zakharova reiterated Russia's readiness to continue to support the UN special envoy to Syria, Ger Pedersen, in his efforts to complete the formation of the Constitutional Commission.

Translation: Adar Press.