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Lebanese activists on Thursday hung a sign at the entrance of the Turkish embassy in Beirut, in a new development of the diplomatic crisis between the two countries, which arose after the President of Lebanon talk about the Ottoman era.

 The banner bears the flag of Turkey painted with a skull, which reads, “You also stop at your border,” a phrase used by Hezbollah Secretary General Hassan Nasrallah when he addressed Israel in his speech following recent events.

At a time when Lebanese media reported that Lebanese youths hung the banner, without specifying the direction, the Turkish News Agency reported that "close to Lebanese President Michel Aoun assaulted the Turkish embassy and likened Turkey to Israel."

The Lebanese Foreign Ministry summoned on Tuesday the Turkish ambassador to Lebanon, Hakan Chakl, against the backdrop of a statement issued by the Turkish Foreign Ministry in response to President Michel Aoun.

"All attempts to break free from the Ottoman yoke were met with violence, murder and fomenting sectarian strife," Aoun said in a speech to his countrymen marking the centennial of Lebanon's founding. The state terrorism practiced by the Ottomans against the Lebanese, especially during the First World War, claimed hundreds of thousands of victims, including starvation, recruitment and forced labor.

This statement angered the Turkish Foreign Ministry, which responded to Aoun's remarks, calling it "blatant abuse of the Ottoman state," stressing that "very unfortunate and irresponsible."

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