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Violent clashes erupted, after midnight on Friday-Saturday, on the axes of the vicinity of Kafr Nabl and Al-Bara in the southern countryside of Idlib, between the forces of the regime and the loyalist militants on the one hand, and the opposition factions on the other.

 These clashes came after the regime forces tried to infiltrate the faction's sites, and the clashes were accompanied by intense missile strikes, amid information about casualties on both sides.

In the context, at dawn today, regime forces shelled areas in the town of Kansafra in the southern Idlib countryside, without reports of any injuries.

The regime forces targeted by a guided missile yesterday a mechanism in the Al-Zaqom area in Sahel Al-Ghab in the northwestern Hama countryside, which resulted in the injury of those who were inside the car, including a child.

Translation: Adar Press.

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