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The Libyan capital Tripoli witnessed, during the last hours, violent clashes between the Syrian mercenaries due to disputes over the non-payment of their salaries, which left a number of dead and wounded among them, amid the escalation of the rebellion between them after they were abandoned by the Libyan "Al-Wefaq" government.

 Aqila al-Saber, a member of the Military Media Division of the Libyan Army, confirmed, in a post on his official Facebook page, the death of 4 Syrian people in clashes in Tripoli because of the delay in the payment of their salaries by the "reconciliation" government.

In the context, the local newspaper "Al-Marsad" reported that 4 members of the Syrian pro-Turkish mercenaries in the capital, Tripoli, died due to a dispute over financial dues worth 48 thousand dollars, or 12 thousand dollars each.

The newspaper quoted a Syrian human rights source who said that it was affiliated with the Syrian opposition, that the mercenary gunmen were killed after a clash between them and the leadership of their group.

According to the same source, the dead belong to a pro-Turkish militia called “Hawks of the North”, which is one of the factions affiliated with the Syrian Muslim Brotherhood.

The source added that a "terrorist" named Hassan Khairia, loyal to Turkish intelligence, was the leader of this brigade and was present throughout the last period with his assistant Khalil Khairiya in the Libyan capital, Tripoli, and he lost many of his elements in the fighting at the hands of the Libyan National Army.

According to the same source, the four dead raised a problem, as they were stationed between Salah al-Din and Khallet Al-Furjan on the Sidra road, with their leadership against the backdrop of salary delays and lack of money, while other factions such as “Sultan Suleiman Shah”, nicknamed “Amashat” On their dues in exchange for fighting in the ranks of the Al-Wefaq government

The source confirmed that the dead and the wounded fell due to the intensification of the dispute and the escalation of anger in their ranks, which led them to send a barrage of insults to the OS and Erdogan because of the delay in their salaries of $ 12 thousand each, so they took their weapons to their leaders and threatened to go to the headquarters of the government of "reconciliation" on the way Sikka, whose Syrian leadership was not obliged to shoot and kill them. Their bodies were taken to the Maitika Hospital, in preparation for travel to Turkey and from there towards northern Syria.

This incident prompted between 40 and 50 elements of the “Falcons of the North” militia to flee and take refuge in the “Sultan Murad” militia, and a number of Turkish officers in the Salah al-Din Police College, the Yarmouk Camp and the Maitika Air Force Base, according to the same source.

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