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The Times published a report by its Middle East correspondent, Richard Spencer, entitled "Assad dismisses "The man responsible for torture in an attempt to seduce Arab allies."

Spencer said that Bashar al-Assad dismissed General Jamil al-Hassan, commander of Syria's air intelligence service, in an apparent attempt to whitewash the regime and "remove the man who was leading torture across the country and become an obstacle to rebuilding relations with Arab countries."

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The US Treasury Department announced on Tuesday the imposition of sanctions on two deputies and a security official in the Lebanese Hezbollah.

The US sanctions included the head of the Loyalty to the Resistance bloc, MP Mohammad Raad, MP Amin Shri, and the head of the liaison and coordination unit, Wafiq Safa, Responsible for Hezbollah's security relations with the other Lebanese parties.

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The Syrian regime has changed the leadership of the security services in the branches of air intelligence, political security, criminal security and state security. However, the most prominent was the termination of the service of Major General Jamil Hassan, who leads the list of EU sanctions for those accused of war crimes, along with senior officials of the Assad regime, described as the Godfather of "explosive barrels". Major General Ghassan Ismail was appointed successor to Hassan in the Air Intelligence Service.

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Iran and Hezbollah plan to transfer part of their military bases from southern Syria to the north of the country, where they believe Israel will not be able to attack them, Mossad chief Yossi Cohen revealed Monday.

During the years of the Syrian crisis, Israel launched many raids on Iranian targets inside Syria.

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Turkish Defense Minister Khulosi Akkar said on Sunday that Ankara would retaliate against any attack on its interests by Libyan National Army forces led by Marshal Khalifa Hafter.

"There will be a very high price for hostile positions or attacks, and we will take revenge in the most effective and powerful way," he told the Turkish state news agency Anatolia.

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The United States has a list of dozens of potential targets in Iran, US President Donald Trump said at a press conference on Saturday after the end of the G20 summit in Osaka, Japan.

He added: Iran is currently seeking to conclude a new agreement with the United States. He also considered that the administration of former President Barack Obama contributed to Iran's financing of terrorism.

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